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Southbeach is relevant in both technical and non-technical fields. It is used in industry, the public sector, education, policy development and science.

Southbeach unifies ideas from many different business and engineering methods. Southbeach models are semantically equivalent to many of the diagrams commonly used by management consultants, business analysts and engineers.

Southbeach is not a drawing package, nor does it attempt to recreate the precise look and feel of many of the structured diagrams with which you may be familiar. However, if you are a creative visual thinker, or structured methodologist, you are likely to find yourself at home with Southbeach. Apply the methods you already know.

The technique keeps you moving forward. Whether working through a life goal, a new business or product idea, performing an incident investigation or coping with a difficult project at work, Southbeach Notation provides the visual elements you need to pinpoint a way forward, unlock creativity, remove team inertia and work towards an actionable solution.

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